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At Hill and Associates we believe in the power of partnerships. Over the years we have found the ministry gift of several partners to be helpful to our clients. Please review the links to these ministries to increase your learning experience. 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

Mahatma Gahndi

Let's Talk About It Training sessions by Maurice and Dr. Monica Hill. Videos include topics on marriage, parenting, spiritual development, career transition, and

Marriage Today with Jimmy and Karen Evans. This couple's teaching was foundational for our marriage. What we learned from listening to their teachings would have taken half of our marriage to learn by trial and error.  

Andy Stanley Training on Relationships via YouTube

Dr. Caroline Leaf Brain Neuroscientist with teachings on how your brain impacts your relationship. We are a tripartite being (Spirit, Mind, Body). These lessons are worth the time it will take to listen. 

Dr. Myles Munroe - On Relationships via YouTube. Although Dr. Munroe is no longer with us in physical form, his teachings and spirit live on. We meet often with him through his teachings and he continues to change our lives immensely.  

Marriage Builder Training Assessments by William J. Harley. Dr. Harley shares ten questionnaires that are designed to get couples engaged in deeper conversations to help resolve issues such as communication, finances, recreation, and other challenging issues. 

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